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Over a decade ago, a group of idiots in Kansas City began making college football picks against each other. We’d pony up 20 bucks a week and pick five games against the spread. Best record won the pot. A 5-0 record got an extra 20 from everyone. 0-5 and you paid an extra 20. Exceedingly simple, yet surprisingly fun.

Eventually we expanded to seven games and moved our picks online.

And now we are expanding our little club to the masses. Please share our community with anyone interested in gambling, fantasy games, or sports in general. We welcome all and hope to have a large base when our pick ’em contests are ready.

And don’t be afraid to post or start a conversation. This piece is new to Locktober, so thanks for your help to get the ball rolling.

Welcome to Locktober.

Ryan Martinson

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